Golf Classic 2019

Welcome, Everyone!

A sincere thank you to the parents, guardians, staff, pupils, and supporters who were involved in this fundraising event. Your input has made a difference. Whether this was in supporting us with your time or with your money or indeed with both, Temple Carrig School will benefit from this support. Thank you.

We know, teams come in all shapes and sizes and have differing degrees of success. However, the work put in by a team and its many supporters along the way, builds a great community spirit and deepens connections that live longer than the team itself. This is true of the PTA Committee, the many volunteers and supporters, who jointly worked to make this a special and fruitful occasion. Thank you indeed for your commitment, time and expertise.

May each and every one of you realise, you have made a difference to the pupils in Temple Carrig School, as a result of your involvement today. May you all have a most enjoyable day and entertaining evening!

Thank you.

Elaine M. O’Brien, PTA Chairperson


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

Welcome to this year’s Temple Carrig School Golf Classic and Social Evening – which, once again, serves as the major fundraising and PTA event of the year.

There is a danger with a brand new school like ours that the community regards it as the “Gucci” school which has everything it needs and it’s crucial that we dispel this myth. The Department of Education & Skills has given us a beautiful building alright, but that’s about it – everything else that goes on in Temple Carrig, all the little extras, all the smaller classes, all the additional facilities, they are all completely funded by our parent body and that’s why days like today are so essential to us. Put simply, support by all is essential. Getting on board and raising funds ensures that Temple Carrig will continue to thrive and be more than just another half-baked state school with drab, decaying facilities and nothing on offer but the barest of curriculums.

For that reason, I would like to express my thanks once again to the PTA Committee, under its chairperson Elaine O’Brien, for running the 2019 iteration of this event and for working so hard selling raffle tickets, bringing in prizes, encouraging fellow-parents to get involved, etc. In particular, a special thanks must go to the two drivers (golf pun only slightly intended) of the whole occasion, Liza Hynes and Louise Gaskin, for all the planning and extraordinary hard work on our behalf. A special word of thanks to Carmel Kearney for leading and encouraging all of the PTA Committee in their pursuit of raffle prizes. Finally, a huge vote of thanks also needs to go to our sponsors and supporters – please do reward those who have funded today’s event by giving them your custom in the coming months.

Whether you measure success in terms of the longest drive, the nearest to the pin or, like me, just hoping to win some bath salts in the raffle, I hope you have a wonderful day and a memorable evening. Thank YOU for your part in helping the school achieve its goals in the coming year.

Alan Cox, Principal

Golf Classic 2018

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